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Group Coverage

At Hampton Consulting we don’t just broker products; we act as your BENEFITS QUARTERBACK®, looking past the typical to find solutions that save you time and money. We develop programs with a unique and creative process, while also ensuring they are compliant and efficient. We accomplish results using proprietary technology and cost containment processes, saving groups time and money regardless of their size, location or industry!

Under 50 Employees

By 2016, 20 million small business employees will be affected by cancelled healthcare coverage. Don’t leave your employees in the dust! Provide them with the tools, the team and the knowledge to select an individual coverage plan that fits their lives. Hampton Consulting can help.

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Over 50 Employess

The complex benefits issues facing large businesses today can be overwhelming, costly and time-consuming. The Hampton Consulting team is ready to be your BENEFITS QUARTERBACK®, helping your HR department navigate today’s benefits landscape while realizing new-found cost savings for your business.

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