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Associations, Affinity and 1099 Groups

At Hampton Consulting Corporation we believe everyone should have access to insurance coverage that fits their needs. If you don’t receive health insurance through your employer or any other source, your BENEFITS QUARTERBACK® Hampton CC may be able to help. Members of associations, affinities and 1099 groups can procure insurance coverage with the help of HamptonCC.

Perhaps you’re part of a credit union, club or multi-level marketing company. Maybe you’re a member of a career or hobby-related association. Or a 1099 employee without access to health insurance. Associations, affinities and 1099 groups are often offered access to group discounts on a wide range of products and services. And insurance is no exception. The insured benefits offered to associations, affinities and 1099 groups is designed fit your budget and health care needs.

Contact the BenefitsQBs at HamptonCC to see if you qualify for group health insurance as part of an association, affinity and 1099 group.


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