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Under 50 Employees

By 2016, 20 million small business employees will be affected by cancelled healthcare coverage. Don’t leave your employees in the dust! Provide them with a benefits portal and enrollment center that allows them to select an individual coverage plan that fits their lives and budget. Hampton Consulting can help. Our BENEFITS QUARTERBACK® pros are ready to step up and lead your team to individualized coverage that’s comprehensive, affordable and customized to each employee’s individual needs. When employees realize they get to choose the best plan for them and administer it the way they see fit, satisfaction is the result. It’s a win-win for employer and employees alike!

Group to Individual

Let the pros at Hampton Consulting ease the transition from group to individual health care coverage, saving your business money while giving your employees the coverage they need.

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Marketing Slicks

Check out our easy-to-understand marketing slicks that illustrate the advantages of individual coverage.

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We kick off our benefits transition process with a strategy session, exploring what is working and what is not in your current benefits plan. We also review your current risk exposure and then determine your risk tolerance. From this meeting we build a benefits strategy that meets your transition goals.   

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